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Some ideas from Full Stack Fest 2016

Memo of a short presentation

El día del idioma español

Thoughts on the Spanish language day


Una tarea española – mi viaje

A Spanish homework – my trip

Set your work on fire, let it burn

Everything burns, that’s why we enjoy the moment, try our best, and move on

One year away from home – reviewing my 2014 and looking forward to 2015

Slow down and step back, it’s that time of the year

Traveling in Europe


Things I learned from Kent Beck’s TDD screencasts

See the master and inventor at work


Three things I don’t understand about Milan

I wonder if others are puzzled by the same questions

Three things learned in the last three months

First impressions of living in Gibraltar

Review of 2013 in 26 letters

Review the year of 2013

Start of a New Adventure

Time for some changes


Running CrashPlan on Raspberry Pi

My experience of using Raspberry Pi as a CrashPlan client running 24/7

My favorite quotes from the book “The Clean Coder”

Advices on becoming a professional software developer

Groundhog Day resolutions for 2013 (more of a review for 2012)

Review the year of 2012


Half-marathon, the final week

How I prepared to run a half-marathon in 10 months, part 2

Half-marathon, the first 10 months

How I prepared to run a half-marathon in 10 months, part 1

Being 30, accidentally and intentionally (part 2)

The second (and last) part of a simple review of the first 30 years of my life

Being 30, accidentally and intentionally (part 1)

Trying to connect some dots, part one

What happened in the last three months – we worked hard & we got luck

Why it took three months for a new post

I guess “conflicts” is the word

On 5-year anniversary with the company I love

Just Enough JavaScript – Prototype and Inheritance

The third and last part of my learning notes on JavaScript

Just Enough JavaScript – Function

The second part of my learning notes on JavaScript

Just Enough JavaScript – Variable Scope and Object

The first part of my learning notes on JavaScript

Just Enough JavaScript – Introduction

Are you going to keep on complaining or join me and learn JavaScript? (not sure if the or or and takes precedence here)



Running legacy DOS application with DOSBox

Old stuff die hard

Groundhog Day resolutions for 2012

I love the review part

Happy birthday my friend, although I screwed up your birthday party…

You are the one I hope to read this

Trials and Errors – Frustrations with Adobe’s Trial Products

Why I might never trust this company again, call it personal


I want to get “high” every day – reading “The Passionate Programmer”

Once you know it, you cannot go back

Syncing book notes in the cloud

I forget what I read, ah, here’s what I wrote

Book Notes: The Power of Full Engagement

It’s scary when you think of the “capacity” you’re losing

Running: From Couch to 5K

You get only one life, don’t mess it up

Beauty in the Cloud – some cloud services to make your life better

I want my devices to be really dumb (and easily disposable)

“I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” ads, finally I found all 66 TV episodes!

It’s more than taste

Monopoly: A New Old Friend

A game took me 20+ years to finally play right

Groundhog Day resolutions for 2011

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