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Groundhog Day resolutions for 2012

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It’s a cold winter morning in early February, about 7:30 AM. I got off a bus I took on every workday, went across the street, walked towards the office building. The walk wasn’t long, it usually lasts 5 minutes, the office isn’t far away. However, that sidewalk is my favorite path, I often spent those several minutes thinking, well, about my work, my life.

February is the time of year for review and new year resolution, I did one last year. On that day on my way to work, I started thinking about what I had achieved in the past year, it actually took less than 5 minutes.

I found there isn’t much I did in 2011 I’m proud enough to put in my resume as a software developer, that scares me.

What had I done in 2011?

I had been using OhLife to keep a simple journal in 2011. If “OhLife” is new to you, it’s a service you register and then receive regular emails asking you to write something. I reply the email OhLife sends to me everyday, so after a year, I got 365 entries.

I reviewed my entries of last year.

It turns out, overall, it was not that bad as I initially thought; but I’m an underachiever in technical field in 2011. For a software developer, that’s not good.

Anyway, I break down my list of “achievements” of 2011 into four categories below according to a book I read last year.


  • Started Running, finished C25K.


  • Read the book on full engagement
  • Discovered a board game named Bang! and had great times with friends playing it.



What about 2012?

Here is the plan so far:

  • More running, preferably a race.
  • More side projects, don’t have specific goals yet. Maybe Rails, maybe iOS, maybe others.
  • More technology I feared about before – the ones I felt important but didn’t spend much time on thus were incompetent: JavaScript, CSS, SQL, Regular Expressions.
  • More books, read more than 12 books in 2012.

Enough said, let’s get it started.

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February 13th, 2012 at 10:37 pm

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