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Groundhog Day resolutions for 2013 (more of a review for 2012)

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I would like to use numbers as the lead of my review for 2012. Here they are.


Trained for 10 months and finished my first half-marathon race in last November, definitely the project of year – it consumed most of my time and energy in 2012.

One text editor

I tried several times to learn and use Vim as my day-to-day text editor in the last few years, I got better each time but never managed to being productive. I was very lucky to come across the book Practical Vim and a work project didn’t mandate an IDE.

While enjoying using Vim, it was those moments that when you watch people like Gary Bernhardt using Vim you realized how much room for improvements there is (and hope one day you can be that awesome).

Two programming languages

Ruby had been on my wish list for mastery for years, I spent more time on it in 2012 than previous years, and started building a Rails app as my side project.

JavaScript had been an interesting language for me in 2012. After setting aside my opinions, I spent some time learning it out of the feeling that it’s important and inevitable, but that decision turned out to be crucial to what I would be doing in the second half of the year. Had I not spent those time on the language (proactively), I would be in a very passive position for the rest of the year (more on what happened then in next section).

Three months, twelve people in a team

In three months, I work with a team of twelve professionals (and friends).

That was one of the most demanding (technical-wise and schedule-wise) and exciting projects I had ever worked on – in my seven years of career as a software developer.

It was an amazing experience, we worked hard and we delivered something good. However, looking back, it wasn’t the product itself but how we built it left the most impressions on me.

Although I don’t think the way we worked is sustainable (at least for everyone of us), but it was one of those moments you really enjoy when you think about it.

Whenever possible, I would always ask for more opportunities like that, always.

Five years at a company

This is the fifth year of my service at NLTD, conflicts aside, that was five fantastic years.

Thirty years of life so far

And I turned 30 in 2012.

Last but not least, here are things learned from a friend

If what had been written above falls in the categories of physical or mental, the following would fall into emotional and spiritual.

Some of the things I learned from this friend:

  • Look at the bright side, rather than the dark side. There are enough negative things in this world in this life, you will not get enough if those are the only things you see.
  • Don’t hold back yourself, be active. If you like something/someone, express it out and let them know.
  • Start doing early and adjust on your way through. You cannot get a perfect plan and you do not need one in most cases.

What would happen in 2013?

I don’t have any real plans yet.

However, I do hope there will be more chances for changes and I can seize them. Changes are good.

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