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Three things learned in the last three months

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It’s been three months since I came to Gibraltar. Risking generalize prematurely, I wrote a note about three things I’ve learned so far.

Self-fulfilling can be tiring, but tremendously rewarding

The last three months is the first period that I’ve truly lived by myself.

Going to supermarket gradually becomes a weekly routine; the frustration of lack of idea on what to eat has been replaced by the fun of making food plans for the upcoming week; I’ve started learning to cook. Indeed, it’s very time consuming for cooking for myself, however, the feeling of that I can feed myself, even after a meal eaten at 10 PM can be very satisfying. Yes, that’s only one the basic needs one has to fulfill, but a very important one.

I had missed that for so many years, what a shame.

Build your foundation skills, when you don’t need it that much

I believe there are many skills that are fundamental to whatever you do in work and life.

Besides living skills, getting to know another language can be so helpful, it leads you to understand other groups of people, other ways of living, and perspectives about the world. To me, English can be the foundation to other languages, say, Spanish. Although I don’t believe one has to learn English to learn Spanish, but it does make it much easier than otherwise, at least for me.

What you want, what you need, what are essential

Gibraltar is a very small place, 6.8 square kilometers (with the famous Rock occupying more than half the space).

You probably will not find what you exactly want here, but you will almost always find what you need.

It forced to me think what are essential and absolutely needed in my life, I’m glad I did.

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May 11th, 2014 at 3:32 pm

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