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Three things I don’t understand about Milan

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After a two-day short trip to Milan, the city leaves a very good impression on me: not to mention the museums I didn’t have the chance to visit. The city feels both old and new, modern transportations and shopping centres, mixed in a place full of ancient buildings. I’ve heard that Milan is called the capital of fashion, I’m not into fashion, but I did notice that people dress more properly or formally than people from any other place I’ve been to.

However, there are three things I don’t quite understand about Milan.

Consciousness or abuse?

Very few people use the ticket system on bus and trams. Passengers are supposed to put their ticket into the system or swipe the card, however, roughly only 1 out of 5 people does that (the driver doesn’t care). I feel a little embarrassed putting in my ticket – what is regular in other places looks odd there. People just come onto the bus or tram, sit down for a couple of stops, and get off. It’s like communism, a real one…
For the record, for metros, passengers are required to check ticket in entrance gate, but are not required (and very few do) to check the ticket in exit gate.

Art or vandalism?

You can see a lot of graffiti in the city, on the walls of buildings, in the subway, on the window and seat of trams. Those are not artful graffitis, they are just some scribble, a couple of characters here and there. I assume they are in Italian; though I don’t speak that language, by the graffiti’s shape and writing I don’t think they have any real meanings worth discussing about or writing down. When you are awed by how people in this city care about their proper dressing and behaviours, it upsettingly puzzles me how the city tolerance such vandalism.

Diligence or corruption? My compatriots.

Milan is the place where I’ve seen the most Chinese outside China, so far. I’m not including the tourists there (they are obvious to recognise, just like me), I mean the Chinese people looked settled in Milan. I thought people who work and live in Milan are elites in specific fields, at least very likely. Most of the Chinese people I saw are very ordinary people, like the ones you see in a city or town in China. By saying that by no mean I’m disrespecting them, there are a lot than meets the eye. I know some of them must be business owners or workers in Milan, they must have been working very hard to get what they have now. however, I don’t understand what others are doing for living there, or how did they settle there in the first place.

I apologise for sounding like criticising or picking on Milan or some of their people. I like that city, very much. Personally, those questions interests me, and might be the incentives for a future visit.

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July 25th, 2014 at 5:19 am

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