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Some ideas from Full Stack Fest 2016

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Early this month I attended a conference called Full Stack Fest in Barcelona, this has been my third consecutive year visiting the city in summer, and I want to write some summary for this conference.

I did a short presentation about the same topic at work, here’s just a memo.

The conference was about software development, and was divided in two parts, the first two days were about Backend (everything that’s not Frontend), and the last two days on Frontend (basically the code runs in your browser).

Personally I don’t see the division of Backend and Frontend as significant, because on writing software we share some of the basic principles, patterns and practices, no matter where the code runs. I see the talks in the conferences as in three groups:

  • On operations: about security, scalability…
  • On development: about languages, specifications, tools…
  • On interesting things: not necessarily technical, but are interesting ideas

I would also like to see the talks from another perspective. In each talk, the speaker presents a problem and addresses how we could solve it. The problems and solutions can be very specific, or general. Talking about solving conflicts in event system between two VR libraries is obvious at a different level than talking about how you are going to access and share data in the future. In this sense, I see the talks in the following levels:

  • About a project: could be a work or personal project
  • About a technical herd: about language, specification, protocols…
  • About a discipline: about computing, software engineering
  • About human kind: about preserving, sharing knowledge, about freedom

In the context of categorizations above, my four topics are:

I won’t go into details of them, in the slides there are some short comments, nothing significant.

I want to share some personal observations over the years on technology and software, from a regular developer’s point of view.

  1. The web keeps getting better: New web standards, language specifications, tools and ways of doing things keep coming and show no sign of slowing down. I am happy and proud to witness this progressive change.
  2. Functional programming is waiting for the killer move: Functional programming has been a topic more and more important, not only because its paradigm works better for parallel computing (our CPUs are not getting faster, but are having more and more cores), but also it offers a way to design and reason your application easier. I can see developers are looking here, but we still miss something to make its name like Rails did for Ruby.
  3. P2P computing could be the future: From BitTorrent, to cryptocurrencies and IPFS. They have really ambitious goals and are showing signs of promise.

So this has been a quick summary. Hope it can be of help.

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September 20th, 2016 at 9:22 pm

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