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Traveling in Europe

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From Dec 19 to 31 in 2014 I traveled in some of the countries in Western Europe. That was the first time I traveled there and the first time I traveled alone for that long.

My trip started in Paris, after spending 4 days there I went to Luxembourg, then Bruges. 2 days later I was in Amsterdam, then Berlin, and finally, Munich.

I enjoyed it a lot, I wanted to write something about the trip – thus this post you are reading now. I was writing about where I went exactly, what I enjoyed the most and the least, some tips I got from the travel, etc.

Then I realized those are not what I really got from the trip and what made it fantastic.

That thing is: traveling makes me curious.

Now I’m curious about why Parisians love and enjoy life so much; I’m curious about why marijuana and prostitution are not illegal in Netherlands and if that’s a good solution to the problems; I’m curious about the history of Berlin and its impact on its citizens, why Germany is so powerful in modern society even after losing two world wars; and many more.

I guess what I’m really curious about is life itself.

Curiosity leads to knowledge, knowledge leads to appreciation. Things that used to be irrelevant to me now become relevant, things used to just be names on the news and in the books now become concrete, colorful and attractive.

It feels good to get out of your room sometimes, and live in the world.

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January 10th, 2015 at 9:06 pm

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